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The Tomb of the Ghost by Mygrum The Tomb of the Ghost by Mygrum
Entry for the Seventh Sanctum free-for-all competition.

Generators used:

1. Magical knight generator
This cunning magic knight's wide eyes are the color of charcoal and his very short, straight, silky, brown hair is worn in a bizarre style. He has a graceful build. He has stealth powers that are activated by chants. His elegant, military-style outfit is white and orange and any viewer's eyes seem to slide off of it.

2. Ninja generator
This spiritual female ninja is very tall and has a thin build. She has burn marks on her legs. Her droopy eyes are magenta. She has straight coffee-colored hair. Her preferred weapons are knives. She is skilled in swimming and negotiation. She can summon tigers.

3. Dragonling generator
This confident male dragonling has almond-shaped, slit-pupiled, black eyes. His thick, straight, cream-colored hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a flame. He is short and has a graceful build. His skin is cream-colored, with red scales in random patches. He has a wide forehead and large hands. His wardrobe is dignified and plain, with a completely violet color scheme.

4. Deity Generator
This amiable goddess of alchemists takes the form of a young woman. She is tall and has a busty build. Her slanted eyes are green. She has pale skin. She is usually portrayed as wearing a dignified uniform and a helm. She carries a holy scripture. She can grant or take away the knowledge of any language.

5. Weapon generator
Netball (yes, I really got this. And I took it literally, as in the ball used in the British schoolgirls' game netball)

6. Fantasy Military Unit Generator
The "Sniping Axes" - Humans, armed with axes and bows. This unit is mainly used for special operations.

7. Magic Item Generator
Lyre of the Spell of Resurrection

8. Quest Item Generator
Sapphire Moon Gem

9. Evil-sounding Name Generator

(10. Hero Name Generator
Drake Steel)

11. Weird Name Generator
The Mystic Duke

12. Planet Name Generator
Om Octavus

(13. Realm Name Generator
Empire of the Ghost's Knight )

14. Tavern Name Generator
The Raven's Alehouse

15. Cat Being Namer
Aguraga Flamehonor

(16. Angel/Demon Name Generator
Lepaniel )

17. Grimoire of Questionable Spells
Cheese Shield

18. Spell Generator
The Arrow of Opening

19. B-movie title Generator
The Tomb of the Ghost

20. Quickname generator
Lessie Hull
Zachery Bender
Bob Bass
Winifred Rivers
Donn Church
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2007
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March 11, 2007
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